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Design Tips for Small Kitchens


Maybe you just bought your first starter home, or maybe you just moved into a small apartment of condominium - all types of people have to learn to economize on space for one reason or another. If you are looking for kitchen tables for small spaces or dining areas you have several options. Kitchen furniture designed for small spaces is readily available in today's market and online shopping makes finding the perfect dining or kitchen table for small spaces. You can even find kitchen islands for small spaces that also add extra storage space.

Buy a Small Table
Your first option is just to look for a small version of a kitchen or dining room table that will fit into the space that you have to work with. For many people that is a great solution and can certainly work very well. Breakfast nooks are always a great option to consider when you are trying to maximize your space available.

A small kitchen or dining room can be a design challenge, but our advertisers ore offering great deals on almost any style kitchen table you might want, from modern to traditional designed dining tables manufactured from warm looking solid woods like oak an cherry or light and airy light glass and metal.

If you pay attention to a few keys when you shop for a small kitchen solution you can make the kitchen table you decide on as perfect as it can be - perfect for where you live.

Create Visual Space
The first thing you want to keep in mind is the type of material that you choose for your table. If you want to make the most of both your actual space and the "visual space" in your kitchen or dining room a glass topped or glass and chrome or glass and steel kitchen table is likely your best choice. Need a modern looking kitchen table for a small apartment or condo that is light and airy, take a look at glass topped kitchen tables for small spaces.

A glass topped table allows light to pass through you table and this will actually create an illusion that your table is taking up less spaces so your kitchen or dining room appears to be less crowded.

Create Real Space
The next thing you want to consider when shopping for a "small" version of your perfect kitchen table is it's shape. For example, if your kitchen is laid out in basically a rectangular shape, then a rectangular shaped or square shaped kitchen table is your best option.

One of the advantages of using a similar shaped table is that you can slide it into a corner of your kitchen or dining room and just arrange one or two chairs around the table. This way, most of the time it takes up the minimum amount of room required.

When you have company, you can pull it out from the wall, add a couple of chairs, either chairs that match your existing kitchen chairs that you can store or use in other rooms, or you can have a couple of fold up chairs stored away in a closet that require very little room except when in use.

Special Designs

Rather than just looking for a “small” version of a kitchen or dining room table you may want to consider tables that are designed specifically to fit into small spaces but can also easily be expanded when necessary.

   Special Designs - Drop Leaf Tables
For example, a drop leaf kitchen table is a great option for homes that want a small footprint most of the time but also need to be able to expand the dining area from time to time for family and friends to join them for dinner or fun. Whether you live in a small apartment, home, or condo drop leaf tables offer great small solutions for drop leaf kitchen tables for small rooms.

   Special Designs - Extendable Tables
Extendable tables are another option and example of a kitchen or dining room tables designed to have a small footprint that is easily modified to allow for a larger group of people. An extendable table is a great way to be able to easily have family and friends join you around the kitchen table.

You can find tables that typically almost double their length compared to when they are closed. Many retailers today feature furniture for small spaces like Pottery Barn, Target, Walmart and no one does small space better than Ikea. Extendable tables are a great inexpensive solution for extendable kitchen tables for small apartments, just follow this link.

  Special Designs - Butterfly Leaf Tables
Butterfly leaf tables are also a great option if you are shopping for a kitchen table to provide flexibility in seating and to fit into a small area for day to ay use. Usually this type of design includes a self storing leaf that you can easily fold and then store them under the table for convenient access when you need extra space. Butterfly leaf dining tables for small spaces that use a butterfly design are a convenient creative solution to maximizing space, just follow the link for more information.

  Special Designs - Bistro Tables
Bistro tables aren't normally designed to be expanded but they are tables that are specifically designed for small spaces. The typical bistro table will have room for two people, three if you really like to sit close together. One of my favorite designs, and a favorite of all romantics, a small bistro dining table for a small room is just perfect or for an outdoor patio or a corner table in a small kitchen, just follow the link for more information on these great looking tables.

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