Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces

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Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces - Design Videos & Articles 

Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces - Design Videos

Small kitchens can certainly create design problems for anyone especially if you are inheriting the space and are just trying to make the most of it by shopping wisely for kitchen tables and chairs. Here a just a couple of tips:

For a variety of great contemporary kitchen design ideas and and pictures that feature very efficient use of space and some great kitchen table and chairs for small spaces check out this link to


 · Modern or contemporary designs that feature simple clean uncluttered designs give the appearance of more space.

· Utilize options like drop leaf , butterfly leaf,  or expandable  tables that can for into a small area most of the time but can be easily expanded to accommodate guests.

· Consider options like portable kitchen islands that provide storage, work areas, and dining surfaces all rolled into one.



Need some designs to help expand your small kitchen? This video is a great starter for ideas:




Interested in a retro style look? Check out this video that shows a great kitchen makeover:




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