Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces

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Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces - Retro Style

Kitchen Tables for Small SpacesRetro Style Guide  


A great retro kitchen table featuring a dinette set or a diner booth or maybe a set of bar stools might be the perfect solution for your kitchen - and can add some style at the same time.

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it with a sense of style. Your kitchen needs to be a place where you feel comfortable and also provides the space you need to function effectively when you are cooking. Kitchen tables for small spaces can be both fun and functional. 

The 1950’s retro style reflects a period when mother’s spent a good deal of their day in the kitchen and the family table was a gathering place for friends and family. The styles, colors, and designs from this period have been popular throughout the years and are still popular today.

If you want to see a kitchen makeover into a  great looking retro style design check out the video on our Design Video and Articles page. 

Chrome dinettes with vinyl covered booths are great if you have a large space- unfortunately they don’t work very well in small spaces. What does work well if you are interested in a retro look is a pub or bistro style table with a pair of barstools. These tables are typically designed for two people and are the perfect option for small spaces:

This set is made in the traditional soda fountain style and is a quality piece of furniture. It features two swivel seat vinyl with a Black Bistro Bar Table. Great new Bistro Barstools set. The seats are 29" tall, red glitter vinyl and come in the retro chrome look. They're strong, new and well built. This table stands 42" tall and 30" across. This table comes in black.


 Kitchen tbales for small spaces - retro

 If your looking for a more standard table with a small footprint add a touch of nostalgia to the dining room! This retro dining table offers the look of a 50's diner, with colors that pop. The kitchen dinette table is constructed of lustrous silver finished metal, with a laminate top in red and white. Sold separately, the metal dining chairs have stylish slatted backs and comfortably cushioned seats in red. This small dining table is compact in size, and perfect for small dining rooms or eat-in kitchens.

Soda Shoppe Square Cafe Table -Home Styles 

This classic looking retro dining table offers the look of a 50's diner, with colors that pop. The kitchen table is constructed with a white laminate top and chrome kitchen dining base with pub style chairs that feature solid red vinyl with foam padding and red and white vinyl backing.


 Product Image 3pc Retro Pub Set - Red